No news yet on jumbo involved in Jackson’s accident


Although one and a half months have elapsed since a vehicle carrying  veteran artiste Jackson Anthony collided with an elephant, there has been no information thus far regarding the elephant, according to Anuradhapura Wildlife Ranger Ratnasiri Perera.

Jackson Anthony met with the accident on 3 July. Perera noted they have not been able to locate the wild elephant and have informed the Court.

“The wildlife officers went to great lengths to find the elephant to see if it was in danger and to provide necessary treatment. The video footages circulated on social media are also fake and not related to Sri Lanka. No information has been found with regard to the elephant so far,” he said.

Further, he said since the day of the accident, they worked day and night for three consecutive days, and officers from three wildlife offices have collaborated in the operation.

“However, no clue has been revealed about an elephant thus far. We could not find any evidence that such an elephant is alive somewhere. According to our observations and experience, if this wild elephant was injured in an accident, we would find blood stains on the path the elephant took. However, no such blood stains were discovered,” he said.

He also said there are experienced wildlife officers who can determine an elephant’s path and whether the elephant was travelling with a difficulty.

“This is also a serious problem for wildlife officers, who have found no trace of an elephant involved in such an accident. We monitored the herds of wild elephants as well. However, there are two eye witnesses who saw the wild elephant colliding with the vehicle,” he said, adding that the search for the wild elephant is ongoing.

By Sarathchandra Wickremesinghe – Medawachchiya