Wijeyadasa calls JJB’s rhetoric “hollow”


Minister of Justice, Prisons Affairs and Constitutional Reforms, Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe, said the loud clamour made by the Jathika Jana Balawegaya (JJB) demanding a snap poll rings hollow, in the face of their lacklustre showing at recent elections.

The Minister said the JJB has been seeking a snap general election for quite some time while insisting the present Parliament does not reflect the true motives of the public.

But, the Minister said the JVP and its present alliance known as the JJB have failed to justify their demands for a poll whenever they have sought a fresh mandate from voters and has being shunned big time by the public.

Rajapakshe added under the present circumstances, the President was hamstrung in his bid to dissolve the House and call for a snap Poll, as it was highly impractical to do so.

But, he observed when the country stabilises both on the economic and political spheres, it will not be impossible to lay the groundwork for a General Election.

He however, still challenged the JVP-led JJB to justify their demand for a Parliamentary Poll, by winning a sizeable number of seats in the new Legislature.

The Minister added that due to the open or behind the scenes role played by the JJB during the spate of anti-Government protests in Colombo since last April, it will be a shock if the NPP could turn such anti-Government sentiments into a stupendous victory at the next General Election. (JK)