The casual T-shirt is back


The casual T-shirt is probably the most comfortable attire we have ever invented. Some may think being fashionable is more important than being comfortable, and that one must wear fashions that are the latest trend regardless of whether they’re being comfortable. Well, the casual T-shirt is actually all of this. It is trendy, fashionable, and suitable for any occasion and age. And the good news is that it is back in vogue now.

The baggy-oversized T-shirt and the medium size T-shirt that doesn’t fit the body are highly fashionable at present. Nevertheless, one might wonder how it would be suitable for any occasion. How can one look good in a casual T-shirt at work or official meetings? How will a casual T-shirt make one look glamorous and be suitable enough for a party or dinner out? How can a comfortable T-shirt be suitable for shopping, going to the market, for a breezy casual walk or be great for a date night?

Well, let’s find out.

For work, for an official meeting, or a formal event, to make your casual T-shirt suitable for a formal event, or to make you look professional, you can pair it with a blazer. Make sure the blazer is not of synthetic fabric. A cotton or linen blazer of a light colour suits this purpose best. Plus it must be oversized to give a more classic and relaxed look.

Cotton pants of a matching colour and wedge heels suit this best. Simple and clean makeup and neatly pulled back hair will complete your look. Wear a watch to add a more professional look and a matching coloured simple bag.

T-shirts also look great with baggy silk pants and tennis shoes, and an oversized blazer.

These outfits will make you look very fashionable and at the same time keep you comfortable. The pictures we have presented will give you a better idea.

If you are going for a glamour event, a black T-shirt with a glittery print or work on it will look great. Or a crisp white T-shirt with a bright-coloured glittery print would look great. Pair it with denim and statement heels. Go for glamorous make-up with dramatic eyes or bright lipstick and matching bling earrings. To add more fun and colour to your look you can go for a bright nail polish colour. Unless your hair is short, do not keep it loose. Long hair is best worn as a chic ponytail.

 Here are a few ideas for you:

For a date night, a bright-coloured T-shirt with a pair of jeans will look great. Add glamour to the look by wearing a pair of luminous-coloured footwear, glam makeup, and bright jewellery. Bright-coloured nail polish will add more drama to your look. Keep your hair loose if it is bob or a lob cut. If your hair is long, have a messy bun or a chic ponytail.

If you are going to a casual family dinner or a movie out, chose a baggy T-shirt of bright colour. Pair it with linen pants and tennis shoes. Or a baggy pair of denim and tennis shoes will also look great. Keep it simple and fresh. Do not use heavy make-up. A statement handbag will complete the look.

Here are some pictures to give you some ideas.

By Ama H.Vanniarachchy