NHDA to claim Rs 10B in unpaid fees


Chairman of the National Housing Development Authority (NHDA), Rajiv Sooriyarachchi said, they will be taking measures shortly to claim a sum of Rs 10 billion which is due through several projects that had been launched under its supervision.

He said if this amount is not claimed, the NHDA will soon be unable to pay the monthly salaries of its employees.

The NHDA Head observed that due to the recent political unrest and economic downturn in the country, they had not been able to claim even Rs 5 billion for projects supervised by them and added that they cannot continue to depend solely on the Treasury for their survival.

Sooriyarachchi said they held crucial discussions in this regard with District Managers to claim the massive amount for projects it had helmed, in Kandy on Friday (19).

“We did not hold any kind of celebration. The District Managers were instructed to come to Kandy, as a meeting of District Managers had not been held in seven years. They stayed at two NHDA circuit bungalows and refreshments were provided after the meeting. No celebration took place on Friday (29),” he said.

By Anurada Herath