Green gram seed


There was a grandmother called Eli. She wanted to eat a green gram curry. She went to the market and bought some green gram seeds. She came home by a bus. Then she began to cook. When she is burning a green gram seed began to jump. He jumped away and ran outside. Eli ran to catch the green gram. First green gram seed first met a duck. The duck said, “I want you to eat for my breakfast.” The green gram seed afraid and ran faster. The duck ran to catch it.

Now there are two people to  catch the green gram seed. Next the green gram met a bird. The bird said “I want you to eat for my lunch.” The green gram ran. Then he met a tank. There was a fish in this tank. The fish said “Come to my back of the chest. I will let you opposite bank of the tank.” Then the green gram climbs up on the fish. The fish was slowly going in the tank. The green gram is wet and he began to crack. He hurts that. He afraid and jump to the tank.

By Methuja Dewnith