Once upon a time in a kingdom there was a little prince named lily. Lily was a little girl who was the king’s daughter. When she was little she had heard her mother had gone and never returned. And she always thought, “Where is my mum?” I don’t know where she is. But when I try to ask it from father he tells to me I don’t know!” Lily loves her mother. As she remembers her mum was a kind woman with a pleasant face.

Her father was very kind and a king who ruled the country very happily. He was also sad about her motherless daughter and tries not to tell her anything. Because she will become sad of hearing it.

Lily didn’t worry about those things. She read books. Reading books became a habit to her was in another worlds. One day she thought reading books would be always to find where her mother was.

She had a big ginger cat as her pet. Its name was Ginger. Lily tells every thing she found in books to Ginger. Ginger had promised to help her to find her mum. Ginger was an intelligent cat.

One summer day she found a book which is covered with gold. Lily opened the book.

An invisible writing appeared. “What do you love most?” Lily took a pen and wrote. “My mum” as answer. Then the book itself turned to a page and there was a beautiful picture in it. Lily touched the picture. Then she and her cat appear in a beautiful land with full of flowers and trees. In lily’s hand there was the book and then it told called to a butterfly and tells to take them to the Wishingland. Lily didn’t understood it that much she called, “Butterfly, Butterfly where are you? Then a large enormous sized butterfly came flying and land near them and ask where they need to go. “Wishingland” lily told. Butterfly took them to a river bank. Lilly thanks it and look at the book. It told, “Search for a diamond in transparent colour”. They search everywhere. After a time they found a little diamond laying under a tree, Ginger brought the book for lily. It again told “Touch it then, you will get your mother.” Lily did as she was told. She got her lovely mum. Lily thanks the books as she knows. Book took them to the home and disappeared it never returned again. But lily was not worry she got her mum.

They lived happy ever after….

By Sathini Ranasinghe