Egg price to go down by Rs 5


The All Island Egg Producers’ Association announced that the price of an egg will be reduced by Rs 5 from Monday 22 August.

The Association announced the decision following a discussion with Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena. During the discussion, the Trade Minister warned that a maximum retail price will be introduced for eggs if egg producers do not reduce the price.

The discussion focused on the various issues faced by the All Island Egg Producers’ Association, Veterinary Association, Poultry Manufacturers’ Association, and other food manufacturers.

Speaking to Ceylon Today, Chairman of the All Island Egg Producers’ Association, Sarath Ratnayake said due to a shortage in chicken feed and a hike in price, egg producers were forced to increase the price of eggs. Thereby, eggs were sold for Rs 60, severely inconveniencing the public.

Ratnayake added that at present an egg is sold for Rs 60 to 61 and it will be reduced to Rs 56 to 55.

He further said Prime Minister Gunawardena had promised to provide necessary concessions for egg production.

By Nabiya Vaffoor