Did Tri-Forces follow Gota’s orders?


SLPP General Secretary, MP Sagara Kariyawasam said it is yet a mystery as to whether former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa had sought the help of the Armed Forces and the Police, to quell the recent anti-government protests, or whether such help had been sought and it has not materialised.

“As a man under whose watch LTTE terrorism was wiped out from this country, it is a real mystery to us, as to the failure of the former President to crush these anti-Government protests,” Kariyawasam said.

Kariyawasam said they were still wondering what had actually taken place in regard to whether the former President had sought the intervention of the Armed Forces and the Police, or whether his request had been ignored on the part of the military and the Police.

The SLPP General Secretary said these pertinent and valid questions had cropped up among members of his party, amidst the overnight violent and controversial crackdown of the anti-Government protests, by the former President’s successor Ranil Wickremesinghe.

“It has to be probed thoroughly, as to orders given by him to the Tri-Forces and the Police had been overlooked or whether he had not sought their intervention to quell the protests. As a person with a high-profile military background, it is a question that could one day, be answered solely by the former President. This issue gathers pace due to the fact that the new President, who has no link to the Security Forces, was able to crush the anti-government protests within a 24-hour period of having assumed the new portfolio. Thus, he was able to free State institutions such as the President’s House in Fort, Temple Trees, the PM’s Office, and the Presidential Secretariat, which were stormed by protesters, within a matter of days.”

He also added a future rewriting of Sri Lanka’s political history would reveal without reasonable doubt whether a conspiracy hatched by certain elements with vested interests within his party, was behind the country’s long-drawn-out economic and political upheaval.

It forced a sitting President out of office and compelled him to flee the country, becoming a persona non grata in the process.

Kariyawasam, however, could not reveal the names of those behind the conspiracy.

But, the MP maintained those capable of reading between the lines or those in the political grapevine, were aware of who they are. (JK)


  1. Was Gota under pressure to do nothing by US – apparent by the US ambssador Chung’s constant tweets meddling in internal matters which she had no authority to get involved in ? Was Gota fearful of his son’s wellbeing as he is settled in US ? Questions Questions Questions !

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