NHDA to hold bash in Kandy today


At a time when President Ranil Wickremesinghe has issued directives to strictly adhere to a circular issued by the Treasury Secretary in April this year, to State institutions to limit their expenses, Ceylon Today reliably learns that preparations have been made to gather a large crowd for a wine and dine session, by a top official of the National Housing Development Authority (NHDA), at a hotel in Kandy today (19).

According to sources, the celebrations are to take place under the guise of a meeting of district managers of the Authority and all district managers and top officials of the NHDA Colombo head office have been invited.

Employees of the NHDA lament that the top officials are engaging in such unwanted expenses at a time when all their allowances and overtime payments are being curtailed and the management is having trouble to find funds to pay their monthly salaries.

They also question the need to have physical meetings in Kandy, at a time when it is encouraged to have online meetings and gatherings, given the current crisis.

Treasury Secretary Mahinda Siriwardena on 26 April 2022 issued Circular (No. 03/2022), instructing the Government institutions to limit their expenditure, taking the on-going economic crisis into account.

Following President’s directives, Secretary to President Saman Ekanayake, on behalf of the Head of State, earlier this week warned that those who fail to adhere would be held personally liable.

The circular includes instructions to limit payments of fuel and communication allowances, reduce expenditure on electricity and water, halt construction or obtaining buildings on lease and halt the payment of various types of allowances made at the ministerial or institutional level without the approval of the Cabinet of Ministers.



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