Eranga responds to Prasanna’s statement


In response to Minister Prasanna Ranatunga’s statement that the cost incurred due to the alleged damages to the Galle Face Green by ‘Aragalaya’ would be reclaimed from everyone who engaged in protests, National organizer of the Socialist Youth Union (SYU) Eranga Gunasekara said the protesters only have their lives as compensation.

Gunasekara said that as the Minister said, the protesters did not harm the land and always worked with the common good in mind.

“Most of the people who contributed to the ‘Aragalaya’ are young people from ordinary families and they do not have wealth like ministers like Ranatunga. The site had been cleared as a protest site by the government. There was no notice or signs saying not to trample on the grass or make temporary constructions in the area which was reserved for the protests,” he said

He said that in a country where there are politicians who change politics opportunistically, the positive role played by the protesters for the country cannot be ignored.

He further stated that the protesters are not ready to give compensation as the politicians say, and are ready to face any challenge.

By Amith Gamage