British national evading deportation – Authorities


British social media influencer Kayleigh Fraser, who was ordered to leave Sri Lanka by 15 August, has not left the country and cannot be located, said Deputy Controller of the Department of Emigration and Emigration (investigation), M.G.V. Kariyawasam, yesterday (18).

He claimed they are looking for the woman and that she will be arrested since she is evading deportation despite having been given a formal order to leave.

Frazer filed a writ application against her deportation, but this was dismissed by the Court.

“She cannot be located, and whoever is aiding her will also be arrested or taken in for questioning,” noted the official.

He added that she is not residing in her given address. “She came to Sri Lanka on a medical visa and we found out that she has not taken treatment in Sri Lanka.”

Kariyawasam also pointed out that there are ways for her to fight for her rights to legally stay in Sri Lanka and that she need not hide when officially asked to leave the country and should instead leave and fight for her rights.

He said that she came from Scotland and had been engaging in some online business in Sri Lanka and has violated visa regulations, which is why she was asked to leave.

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan