Strong national policy framework vital – UNP Chairman


UNP Chairman MP Wajira Abeywardena yesterday (17) said national policies should not be amended to satisfy each and every political party. If the country is to achieve sustainable development resolving the prevailing economic crisis, there should be a strong unchangeable national policy framework.

MP Abeywardena further claimed that still certain people were questioning as to whether President Ranil Wickremesinghe could rebuild the crisis hit economy of this country, fix the lives of crisis impacted people and bring normalcy to their lives. Because he has the skills to resolve the prevailing economy and fix the lives of the crisis hit public, the  President has taken on such a great challenge.

MP Abeywardena was addressing the media in Colombo in connection with the prevailing economic crisis and measures President Wickremesinghe has taken to resolve them.

Abeywardena said President Wickremesinghe has 50 years experience in politics. He was Prime Minister of this country six times over. Last week he clearly stated that the country could be rescued from this tragic situation.

“The Government in the 2000 General Election was dissolved in a year before completing its tenure. The United National Front (UNF) led by the UNP came to power in the 2001 General Election. When we came to power the Ports Authority as well as the aviation sector was overburdened. President Wickremesinghe presented a methodology to get assistance convening a conference in Japan bringing every aforesaid issue under control. At a time the then Prime Minister Wickremesinghe made every possible effort to develop the country, our government was toppled”, Abeywardena said.

“I learnt from an international newspaper where President Wickremesinghe had given his comments and said if the ‘struggle’ had not been held on 9 July, the decisions of the IMF would have been taken early this month. It has now been postponed to the end of the month. Therefore, I ask the people of this country and those who are in the tourism industry, that in the event problems were created, the country would be further pulled down the precipice. Give us six months, we would totally change the situation”, Abeywardena added.

By NaalirJamaldeen