SL to set up Special diaspora office


An office will be established to look into the issues and aspirations of the diaspora, President Ranil Wickremesinghe said.

“We must sort out the problems among the ethnic groups and special focus should be given to the diaspora as it is a strength and source of investment,” Wickremesinghe said addressing the 2022 awards ceremony of the Organisation of Professional Associations (OPA) of Sri Lanka.

Further he spoke of the need to establish an export oriented economy to overcome the economic crisis, noting that the country should no longer be heavily reliant on imports.

He added that the country should now prepare for a fourth industrial revolution while the economy must be completely restructured. The President noted that when the public sector collapses, the country should have sufficient funds to meet basic needs like education, health and housing.

“We need an attitude change, failing which the country will become another Lebanon. This is the stark choice before you. Whether we like it or not, we have no choices in the solutions,” he said.

Emphasising on electoral procedures, he noted that the preferential voting system has caused immense damage and that electoral reforms should be introduced through this Parliament.

He further said, the State of Emergency that is due to lapse by the end of the week will not be extended as there is a hint of a return of stability. (FT)


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