Import eggs to reduce prices


The All Island Canteen Owners’ Association said eggs should be imported immediately from India to reduce domestic prices to Rs 30, because some traders are selling an egg for Rs 70.

Association Chairman, Asela Sampath said due to the actions of the local mafia, the public is severely burdened.

“The President should issue directives to import eggs to tackle the unreasonable price hike. There is no mechanism in place to control the prices of food items since authorities are unwilling to strengthen the Consumer Affairs Authority Act,” he added.

He said regardless of the legislation, chickens are not fed gold, so the prices of eggs should be reduced.

“Due to the price hike of eggs, elderly persons, children, and the poor are deprived of essential protein. People will revolt against the Government if the present trend continues,” he added.

Further, Sampath requested the President to take steps to import eggs and reduce prices, quickly.

By Nabiya Vaffoor