Fisheries Ministry signs MoU with PickMe


Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda yesterday (17) said they have entered into an agreement with PickMe and other delivery services to distribute fresh seafood to consumers through an online order system.

Minister Devananda added that PickMe online seafood orders are presently accepted at the Bambalapitiya Fish Stall of the Ceylon Fisheries Corporation.

The Fisheries Minister said by facilitating seafood orders online, the Corporation has modernised the process of selling seafood items. This move will further the efforts of the Government to fulfil the protein requirement of citizens.

The Fisheries Ministry is responsible for harvesting seafood and distributing it to consumers at a reasonable price. Budget packages have been introduced to supply seafood at a fair price through the stalls of the Ceylon Fisheries Corporation islandwide.

Minister Devananda expressed confidence that by selling seafood through delivery services such as PickMe and Uber Eats, customer relations with the Corporation can be further developed, while enhancing customer satisfaction.

“We provide this service in the healthiest and friendliest way, while providing relief to consumers,” Minister Devananda added.

By Naalir Jamaldeen