Damage caused to Galle Face Green by ‘Aragalaya’


Legal action will be taken to claim damages caused to the Galle Face Green by protesters who set up the ‘Gota Go Gama’ protest site, Minister of Housing and Urban Development Prasanna Ranatunga said.

He claimed that entire loss caused to the site will be reclaimed from all those who were engaged in the protests.

The Minister noted that since certain protesters had proceeded to file legal action claiming their right to protest at the site, they may also bear the losses caused to the location.

Ranatunga added that the protesters had been evicted from the site as it legally comes under the purview of the Urban Development Authority (UDA).

He further opined, “No citizen could forcibly takeover, storm or overrun State institutions according to their own whims and fancies.”

By Mithun Jayawardena