Customs thwarts Rs 15M worth illegal scrap metal shipment


Two twenty-foot containers containing 32,000 kg of scrap metal, which is estimated to be worth over Rs 15 million were seized by the Central Intelligence Division of the Sri Lanka Customs and was subjected to inspection yesterday (17).

Customs Deputy Director (Legal) and media spokesman Sudatta Silva said that a businessman in Kalagedihena was identified as the suspect who tried to illegally export the said debris from the country.

The customs declaration submitted by the exporter stated that the containers contained 40,000 kg of silicon coated electrical plates. The suspect had tried to export the scrap metal to India.

“14,070 kg of scrap aluminium ingots, 7,480 kg of scrap copper, 4,500 kg of scrap aluminium and 6,780 kg of scrap steel were found in these two containers,” noted Silva.

Silva confirmed that statements are being recorded from the relevant suspects and a customs inspection will be conducted after further investigation. The goods will be confiscated and the suspects will be fined, he further said.

By Nabiya Vaffoor