Blacklisted individuals, organisations may appeal – PMD


If an organisation or a person has been included in the list of blacklisted and delisted persons and organisations under UNSC 1373, it is possible to submit an application to the competent authority and make a written request to be removed from the list along with the reasons, the President’s Media Division announced yesterday (17).

Six organisations and 316 individuals have been delisted since they no longer continue to fund terrorist activities, the PMD said, adding that relevant authorities remain vigilant on the activities of the delisted individuals and organisations. The methodology that was implemented regarding the amendments made to the list of persons named under Order 04(7) of United Nations Directive No. 1 of 2012 mentioned in Gazette Notification 2291/02 dated 1 August, sparked controversy.

In a statement, the PMD said the Foreign Minister’s decision is final and aggrieved parties have the ability to challenge the decision by filing a complaint with the High Court.

Further, any person or entity affected by freezing of existing money or funds, asset freezing order or other financial assets or economic resources or other related services has the right to complain to the High Court.

“The final decision of each of these measures will be published by the competent authority through a Gazette. Accordingly, 316 individuals and 6 organisations have been removed from the list by Gazette No. 2291/2 dated 08.01.2022 after a formal and in-depth study based on evidence under UN Order No. 1 of 2012,” the PMD said.

Meanwhile, Cabinet Spokesman Bandula Gunawardena on Tuesday (16) said the ban imposed on several Tamil Diaspora groups was lifted as a result of observation and careful study over a continuous period of time, not to get aid from the international community.