Aragalaya will continue despite repression


National Organiser of Socialist Youth Union (SYU) Eranga Gunasekara said that ‘Aragalaya’ will continue despite the repression against those who demand a system change from the government of ‘Ranil Rajapaksa’.

Addressing a media briefing conducted by  Galle Face Aragalakaruwo organisation yesterday (16), to make the public aware of the repression against the protesters, Gunasekara said the protesters are being labelled as ‘thieves’ by various parties.

He said if the protesters were robbers, they would not have handed over, to the Police, the millions of rupees they found at the President’s House in Fort in the night of 9 July. He added the ‘Aragalaya’ is merely exposing the destruction of the country that was created by the so-called governments of Sri Lanka for 74 years.

He also said that the ‘Aragalaya’ will continue and will not stop at any point until justice is brought to the country.

BY Aloka Kasturiarachchi