Two grenades found


The STF recovered two hand grenades on 14 August from the roof top of a house in Eravur which functioned as a camp of an armed group earlier, the Eravur Police said.

The grenades were later defused.

The particular house on the Thomputhar Road, Fifth Division in Eravur had been forcibly occupied by a militant group in 2006 at a time when the owner of house had been abroad with his family.

After the owner of house lodged a complaint with Police on returning to the country in 2007, the armed group left the house, Police said.

As the house is being renovated while residing there, the owner had tried to change the tiles of roof and unexpectedly had found two grenades and had informed the Police.

The STF Bomb Disposal Team defused the explosives near the Karutthapalam in Chenkalady, Batticaloa after getting the approval from Court, Police added.

By Naalir Jamaldeen