SLC sends letter of demand to Arjuna


Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has sent Letter of Demand to World Cup winning skipper and current Head of the National Sports Council, Arjuna Ranatunga, regarding recent comments he made at a media interview.

SLC has sought Rs 2 billion for the ‘reputational losses that occurred to Sri Lanka Cricket and its officials,’ stated the letter.

“The Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) at an emergency meeting held today (15 August), having extensively deliberated on the false, derogatory and distorted statement made by the newly appointed Chairman of the National Sports Council, Arjuna Ranatunga during a recent Media Interview (Derana Big Focus), has decided to take appropriate legal action against him who has spoken with malicious intent, damaging the goodwill and reputation of the SLC and have deliberately made public comments by making false and defamatory accusations against the Executive Committee of Sri Lanka Cricket,” said SLC in a statement.

“Accordingly, Members of the Executive Committee have sent Letter of Demand to Arjuna Ranatunga claiming Rs. 2 billion as damages for the reputational losses that occurred to Sri Lanka Cricket and its officials by the said false and derogatory statement,” added the statement.

Earlier it was reported that Asian Cricket Council (ACC) and Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) are in a dilemma awaiting the green light from Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Sports to organise the Asia Cup tournament in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after the ACC decided to change the venue from Sri Lanka due to fuel shortages and political disturbances at the time the decision was taken.

Broadcasters had raised the initial objections to the tournament taking place in Sri Lanka at the time citing issues over its commercial non-viability as a result.

SLC remains the host of the tournament in UAE, but its officials are currently still in Sri Lanka, unable to travel to make logistical and other operational arrangements for the tournament without the Minister’s approval.

The Asia Cup was to be played in Sri Lanka later this month and retained hosting rights, but can lose these rights if it is unable to make arrangements for visiting players and the media.

The decision to shift the venue to UAE was questioned in Parliament recently by an opposition MP, and this position was later backed by Sports Minister Roshan Ranasinghe and Chairman of the National Sports Council Arjuna Ranatunga, who said SLC had not lobbied enough to retain the tournament in Sri Lanka. They questioned SLC saying if Australia and Pakistan could tour Sri Lanka amidst the crisis, why could they not host the Asia Cup.