SJB nominates Eran, Kabir for COPE, COPA


The Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) has nominated MPs Eran Wickramaratne and Kabir Hashim to preside over the Committee on Public Enterprises (COPE) and the Committee on Public Accounts (COPA) respectively, Ceylon Today learns. 

Meanwhile, addressing the media yesterday (15) MP Lakshman Kiriella noted that he believes the said two appointments will be made this week.

Meanwhile, he added that MP Harsha de Silva was supposed to be in the Committee on Public Finance (COPF) two years ago.

 “The Opposition Leader and we have constantly stated, in and outside Parliament, that we will support the government through the parliamentary committees. Most people do not know the importance of these committees. After the August 2020 election, a request was made to give the chairmanship of the finance committee to the Opposition. That was according to the Standing Orders. Under the standing order 121, the Chairman of the COPF must be a member of the Opposition party. It belongs to the Opposition, but then the Speaker and the then Leader of the House suspended the standing orders to the Opposition. Instead of giving it to the Opposition, they gave it to the ruling party,” he added.

Kiriella added, “Parliament and the country could have known two years ago the real situation of the country if the post was given to the Opposition, because we had proposed Dr. Harsha de Silva.

“Even though he issued a warning in the Parliament, if he became the Chairman of the Finance Committee, his statements would have official value. If he had been appointed then, he would have told the country two years ago that the country would go bankrupt. Also, even a year ago, the IMF could have been arranged, but even then the Speaker and the Leader of the House committed a big crime,” he added.

He further said that the whole country was misled by saying that the government hd plenty of money till the end.

By Nabiya Vaffoor