PBEU slams attempts to sling mud at BOC Chair


Although the Ceylon Bank Employees’ Union (CBEU) carries out malicious mud-slinging campaigns against the Chairman of Bank of Ceylon (BOC), the union has failed to take any legal action against him, the Pragathi Bank Employees’ Union (PBEU) claimed.

PBEU President Nishantha Samarasinghe said this while speaking at a media briefing held at the union’s office.

Samarasinghe alleged that CBEU had a sinister agenda to privatise the State banks and his union’s intervention was able to stop that attempt.

“If the BOC Chairman has committed any mistake, action should be taken against him within the existing legal framework. We strongly condemn any action against him that goes beyond the law,” he said.

The people are fed up with State institutions. They demand to privatise them because of these irrational and extremist trade unions, Samarasinghe said.

Meanwhile, the CBEU is trying to get the BOC administration under the union and the PBEU would never allow such attempts, PBEU Secretary Nuwan Fonseka said.

BY Mithun Jayawardena