Namal proposes two names for GSMB Tech CEO


SLPP MP Namal Rajapaksa has written to Minister of Environment Naseer Ahamed proposing two individuals for the post of CEO of GSMB Technical Services (Pvt) Ltd. that comes under the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau (GSMB).

Accordingly, Rajapaksa has proposed names of M.H.D.P. Karunaratne and G.G.M. Ishara Hemantha for the CEO post of the company. Ishara Hemantha is a member of a Pradeshiya Sabha and had acted as the Private Secretary of MP D.V Chanaka from 2015 to 2019.

The letters had been sent to Ahamed on 6 August on Parliament letter heads. Rajapaksa has said that he made the request to consider the names of Karunaratne and Ishara Hemantha upon their request.

Meanwhile, M.H.D.P. Karunaratne has been informed on 10 August that he has been appointed as the CEO of GSMB Technical Services (Pvt) Ltd with effect from 11 August on the instructions of Minister Naseer Ahamed.

BY Vineetha M. Gamage


  1. And what qualifications do these goons have?

    And what authority does this retard have to send names?

    Only in the Banana Republic of Siri Lanka folks

  2. What the F is this all about advertise the job interview proper candidate for these job – we don’t need any MP’s nominating for jobs

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