Devananda discusses Oluvil fishery harbour development


Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda yesterday (15) said that he met the representatives of the committee, appointed to monitor the development work of Oluvil fishery harbour, to discuss the progress of ongoing development works.

He said that main attention was focused on steps to be taken to remove the sand filled on the yacht entrance harbour and dredging the sand deposits from the basin of the harbour.

Devananda said that the representatives of the committee told him that the fishing net processing centre in the harbour premises as well as the vehicle park which provides parking facilities for vehicles entering the harbour must be expeditiously developed.

The Fisheries Minister expressed confidence that once the on-going development work of Oluvil fishery harbour is over, the economic development in the region can be expedited while serving the fishermen, predominantly deep sea fishermen in the Northern and Eastern provinces.

Devenanda also expressed fear that it will incur a huge cost to remove the sand from the entrance and the basin of harbour using the ship owned by the Ceylon Fishery Harbour Corporation. It is not a possible task at present as a result of prevailing economic crisis in the country.

Minister Devananda added that he has instructed the relevant officials to make use of resources of the Ceylon Fishery Harbour Corporation for this purpose and to find alternative mechanisms to remove the sand from the aforesaid locations.

By Naalir Jamaldeen