CMV implementing projects as per UNP election manifesto – Mayor


Colombo Mayor Rosy Senanayake yesterday (15) said that the CMC has been implementing various development projects within the Colombo city limits to fulfill the pledges made in the UNP manifesto presented at the Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) Election in 2018.

Poverty alleviation, converting Colombo to be a city free from garbage, constructing multi-purpose buildings in every division coming under the purview of CMC limits and giving a new facelift to Colombo city were among them, according to Mayor Senanayake.

The Mayor added that they have been planning to construct multi-purpose buildings at suitable places within the CMC limits. The first building constructed at a cost of Rs 325 million on the concept of Colombo Mayor, was in Bogahawatte, Mattakkuliya.

“It is a three storey building and a gymnasium with American branded (PRICO) equipment has been set up on the ground floor at a cost of Rs 35 million to improve the physical fitness of the youth. My concept is to provide fundamental facilities to people in the CMC limits by constructing such buildings,” the Mayor said.

The multi-purpose buildings will consist of preschool, day care centre, library, education centres for children with special needs, gymnasium and a self-employment training centre and a vocational training centre will function there. As a woman it is my duty to extend a helping hand to women to set their economic and living standards high, Senanayake said.

Senanayake lamented that in certain places in the CMC limits the people live in narrow adobes. Some children do not even have space to study inside the house. With a view finding solution to these issues the decision of constructing multi-purpose buildings in every division coming under the purview of CMC was taken, she added.

By Naalir Jamaldeen


  1. City free from garbage??

    A lot of effort was made by the CMC staff to segregate polythene and food waste. General public was well trained. But, unfortunately now they are being collected by CMC without any segregation.

    CMC installed cameras to record people throwing garbage and they were prosecuted. I doubt if anyone is monitoring now, as we witness a lot of garbage been thrown right in front of the cameras.

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