Bakers want Govt to control prices of ingredients


The All Ceylon Bakery Owners’ Association (ACBOA) said that if the government intervened to control and reduce the prices of flour, eggs and margarine, the price of a loaf of bread and a bun could be brought down by Rs 50 and Rs 25.

Speaking to Ceylon Today, yesterday (15) ACBOA Chairman N.K. Jayawardane noted that prices of these main ingredients needed in the bakery industry has been already reduced in the world market. However, the concession was never given to the Sri Lankan bakery owners because of the mafia of mediators, he said. 

“The Price of an egg is now at Rs 65. The Price of a bag of flour is going up steadily almost every day. The market price of margarine is definitely beyond our reach. The price of an egg in South India is Rs 18. If the government can import and sell them at Rs 30, we can reduce the prices of bread and buns,” Jayawardene said.

He added that a mafia dominates the egg industry, “they even threatened us not to import eggs from India.”

“There is no control of the price of wheat flour in the market. The dealers and agencies increase the prices as they wish and they do so indiscriminately, saying there is a scarcity of wheat flour in the market. The government should step in and take necessary stern action to reduce the prices of bakery ingredients,” he added.

Jayawardene noted that as result of this neglect the bakery industry has been brought to a situation where they are unable to continue with their profession.

By Nabiya Vaffoor