Audit reveals major fraud at Uva PC


An audit conducted by the Auditor General’s Office has revealed that the Uva Provincial Council Chairman, who at the moment is only in an interim position, after the dissolution of the Council, has obtained an allowance amounting to Rs 16,320,000 in an irregular manner for three official vehicles.

The audit has also revealed that even though he has obtained this allowance for three years without reporting for duty after the dissolution of the Provincial Council.

This audit has been conducted for the period beginning  8 October 2019 to 30 June 2022, where the Uva Provincial Council stands dissolved.

Also, the audit report has shown that although the Chairman of the Provincial Council is only entitled to keep two vehicles, he has received money for three vehicles. It also revealed that he had utilised vehicles from outside, which do not fall under council’s vehicle fleet, as official vehicles and thus claimed this allowance.

The transport allowance was increased by Rs 40,000 from last 1 March and accordingly, Rs 2,400,000 had been obtained in the past four months (Rs 200,000 per month) for three vehicles.

The audit report has now been sent to the Secretary of the Ministry of Finance, the Governor of Uva Province, the Secretary of the Ministry of Public Administration and Provincial Council and the Secretariat of the Uva Provincial Council.

By Vineetha M. Gamage