Two dead in separate incidents following an argument


Two murders have taken place in Peradeniya and Mahakumbukkadawala Police Divisions yesterday (14).

A 47-year-old was killed after being attacked with a sharp weapon in Pilapitiya, Peradeniya. Police said a man had attacked him and two others including a woman with the said weapon after an argument escalated. The injured were rushed to the Peradeniya Hospital, however, the victim had succumbed to his injuries upon admission.

The deceased has been identified as a resident of Kiribatkumbura, Pilapitiya.

Police investigation revealed that the husband of the deceased’s sister had committed the murder. The suspect had fled the scene and the Peradeniya Police are conducting further investigations to apprehend the suspect.

Meanwhile, an individual who was working in a garden in Kavayankulam, Mahakumbukkadawala Police Division had succumbed to bleeding injuries.

Police have identified the deceased as a 56-year-old resident of Konwewa, Mahawa.

According to the Police, the victim had attended a party on Saturday (13) with his co-workers. There, an argument had escalated and an individual who was under the influence had attacked the victim with a rod.

The suspects involved in the incident have been identified and the Mahakumbukkadawala Police are conducting further investigations to arrest them.