SL-Pakistan Navies ‘War Game’ report false – SL Navy


Responding to certain reports relating to scheduled naval exercise with the Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) Taimur, which arrived in Sri Lanka on a formal visit, the Sri Lanka Navy said that certain media reports circulating about a ‘War Game’ between Sri Lanka Navy and Pakistan Navy are fallacious.

The Navy noted that they conduct Passage Exercises as a routine engagement when their visiting naval ships depart the island after making official port calls.

The 134m-long PNS Taimur arrived at the Colombo Port on a formal visit on 12 August.

The ship is expected to remain in the island until 15 August and the crew of the ship will take part in several programmes organised by the Sri Lanka Navy to promote cooperation and goodwill between two Navies.

Further, PNS Taimur is expected to conduct a Naval exercise with the Sri Lanka Navy in the western seas on its departure on 15 August.

The prime motive of these exercises is to enhance interoperability, partnerships and goodwill as well as exchange best practices with foreign Navies.

As part of this Passage Exercise, PNS Taimur and SLNS Sindurala are expected to conduct Manoeuvring exercises and Search and Rescue exercise.

Sri Lanka Navy said it has conducted similar Passage Exercises with the navies of countries such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Japan, Germany, UK, Russia and Australia on a number of previous occasions.

Conducting similar naval exercises with regional and extra-regional navies will enable each partner to overcome common maritime challenges in the future, through enhanced cooperation. In addition, such engagements will also be vital for maritime operations of the Sri Lanka Navy. (NV)