Nearly 90% private buses back in operation


Lanka Private Bus Owners’ Association (LPBOA) said nearly 90 per cent of buses will be on the roads today (15) with all government and government-approved schools conducting in-person lessons all five days of the week. 

Addressing the media yesterday (14), LPBOA President Gemunu Wijeratne said the country is now getting back to normal, so do the bus services.

“Bus services are also gradually coming back to normal. However, the services are not resumed in several rural areas, especially in North and East. I requested the Transport Minister and the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) to provide diesel to resume the transport services in rural areas where the bus owners cannot get diesel, since there aren’t much SLTB depots in those areas,” he said.

He further said if private busses could not function in rural areas, the CEYPETCO should be held responsible, since they have deliberately turned a blind eye to all the requests made by the LPBOA for fuel.

Wijerathne added that the ministry should bear responsibility for not normalising the bus services in some areas, albeit the country is getting back to normalcy.

By Nabiya Vaffoor