There once lived a little girl named Rose and her sister Jennie in a small house. Their parents were no more so they lived alone. Rose was a pretty young girl about 20 years old she was very fair and had blue round eyes which made her even more beautiful. Jennie was also pretty but she was younger than Rose she was 15 years old and her eyes were narrow and green. As Rose was 20, she was not attending school. But she sold flowers and vegetables which she took from her garden. She earned money for her sister’s education. Jennie was also very clever that she didn’t waste the hard work of her sister.

One day when Jennie was in school Rose started to cook for lunch, she cooked a fine meal. At 2.00p.m. her sister came running to her. She was very happy. When she was in, she said, “I have good news for you.” She stopped for a while as she was very tired after running. Then she shouted, “I got the highest marks for the exam with 100 marks and we are allowed to go to any place we like without paying.” Saying this she gave a card to Rose. It said, ‘Allowed to go without paying’ And at the bottom it said ‘by President Shin.’ Rose was very happy. When she turned to her sister she was not there anymore. So, Rose stared to arrange the table for Lunch.

After a while when Rose just finished arranging Jennie came down running, she sat in the table. Then Rose too took a seat. Jennie was so happy when she saw all kinds of food that she liked. There was bread, fried fish, pasta cheesy pizza, two burgers, sausages. She ate from all kinds of food on the table. After eating Jennie went to change herself to go out for a party of her friend while Rose tidied the table. Jennie went out to her friend’s house. Then Rose too took the card and went to the market she took some bread without paying as she had the card.  Then the shopkeeper said “Eat soon as much as you can” after uttering these words he gave a huge box of bread to Rose carried it and went home. She took some meat and fried them and put it on a table and took out some cheese slices also. Then she made a soup. When Jennie came in, she took out the bread from the box and put it on the table. They both changed and sat on the table.

 First, they drank the soup and when they were eating one piece of fried meat they saw and empty plate it was the plate where bread was. They touched the plate they felt a soft sponge kind of thing they took it their hands Rose went to the box and searched the bread was there but she remembered the words said by the shopkeeper she looked deep into the box she found four glasses she put one pair of glasses on. Now she could see the bread in the hand of hers. She gave another pair of glasses to her sister and they ate. One day their neighbour saw this incident and informed the president.

They weren’t allowed to keep these magical things so they should hand over these to the president so they did. But this bread was made for the special card. So, Rose went to the same shopkeeper the following evening and explained to him all what happened. The shopkeeper laughed and said “don’t worry now go home the bread will be near the special card I made it just for you please go and check.” Rose went home just the shopkeeper said the bread was near the card. The president was so angry he tried several times to take bread but it was no use the next time he took the bread and the card the magic was not there the shopkeeper came to the palace where Rose and the President were he explained that the power is with Jennie. So, the president gave up from there onwards the two sisters lived happily.

Text & illustration by Dinodi Rathnayaka