The Hadiqa Collection


Dimuthu Sahabandu is one of Sri Lanka’s leading fashion designers. He has made a mark with his couture clothing and custom wear. His eponymous brand has designed and created some of the most iconic pieces.  Dimuthu’s line is built on his signature aesthetic of colours and playful proportions creating feminine, sexy, and unique designs. He has a brilliant eye for colour, structure and design which help him create stunning designs.

Dimuthu combines haute couture and modest fashion in the best way possible, creating scintillating images and interesting silhouettes for the modern women. A combination of couture dresses, bridal gowns and ready-to-wear fashion, Dimuthu has something for everyone. He uses colours in a bold and almost graphic manner while his runway pieces are more conceptual and fashion forward.

Dimuthu launched his latest collection, named The Hadiqa Collection, recently. Hadiqa translates to the walled garden and the outfits are inspired by a secret garden. It showcases a varied colour palette moving from soft to bold and clothes that cover both structured tailoring and fluid femininity, with soft drapes, luxurious textures, and structured silhouettes, tied together with fashion.

Consisting of beautiful red-carpet-worthy outfits and stunning lehengas. Mixing silk and intricate beadwork to accent necklines and hems, Dimuthu adds another layer of femininity to his pieces. The collection consists of a range of hand-embellished, bridal lehengas and silhouettes designed to be deconstructed and worn as separates, upgrading and prolonging the lifespan of these garments.

We at Glamour had a conversation with Dimuthu about his latest collection.

Tell us about the Hadiqa Collection and the inspiration behind it?

Hadiqa in Arabic translates to the high-walled garden in English. I’m always fascinated by fantasy and all things related. I believe it’s something that always influences me when picking a concept. I’ve always wanted to create a collection inspired by the idea of a ‘secret garden’ and I felt like Hadiqa gives me the perfect opportunity to create something whimsical and almost fairytale-like. I wanted this collection to emphasise the idea of ‘garden’ in every aspect from the silhouette, fabric, cut, colour and surface embellishment.

This collection was exclusively made for plus-sized individuals. What is the size range and why is that?

This is the first time we’ve launched a collection dedicated to plus sizes; so, I would call it a mini collection where we learn more about this market and its needs. Most silhouettes are size 14 and there are a few size 16 looks for us to get a better understanding of before we launch a proper size range in the future. I’ve always heard from the sales floor that there are many requests for our silhouettes to be made in sizes above 12 and I felt that as a brand we needed to be more inclusive when it comes to our retail size range.

Your past few collections have been quite modest, is there any particular reason?

Our last collection ‘Zahra’ was launched for Eid and ‘Hadiqa’ was meant to be released before the Hajj festival but with the economic crisis at hand and the fuel shortage, the release was postponed. It is finally now available at the Design Collective store.

What are some of the types of materials and embellishments that have been used in the making of this collection?

We have a mix of silk chiffons, silk georgette, Duchesse satin and a variety of raw silks in this range and the pieces are embellished with our signature metal embellishments along with pearls, sequins, cut beads and bugles. Some of the pieces are also adorned with embroidery and appliqué.

What occasions will the clothing be suitable for?

Hadiqa is mainly an evening wear range and we have made the collection mostly into separates so that customers have the freedom to select separate pieces from the range, and mix and match with other separates they have in their wardrobes. This also gives room for our clients to restyle and rewear their looks in the future prolonging the life and use of their clothing. The styles are ideal for all formal occasions and even for brides who are having small intimate weddings and engagements.

What’s next for your brand, is there anything on the horizon that you are working on?

I like to go by my motto ‘one day at a time’ and take things as they come. We live in a time when we are unsure of what tomorrow will bring. Right now we are working on our next collection while trying to understand the relevance of luxury fashion in an era where people are struggling. The definition of luxury fashion needs to change with the ever-evolving world and we are currently in the process of imagining what luxury may look like in the distant future.



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Mekala Weerasooriya

Hair & Makeup

Red Lips by Raiha Marikar

Backdrop and set design

Anupama Nawalage of 90 F Weddings

The collection is now available at The Design Collective store, No 28, Stratford Avenue, Colombo-6.

By Shafiya Nawzer