Huge amount of garbage left by pilgrims cleared


Officer in charge of Kumana National Park (KNP) R. A. D. D. Samaranayake said that five tonnes of waste, including non-degradable polyethylene and plastic items, discarded on both sides of road, from the KNP entrance to the Kebiliththa Devalaya, on a stretch of 18 km were cleaned.

Samaranayake added that as the huge amount of garbage was collected in this way, following the opening of the Kumana National Park area for 15 days, for devotees who were going on the Kataragama pilgrimage.

He said that the garbage collection works were carried out in three days and the officials of Department of Wildlife Conservation and 200 military personnel had been deployed in cleaning work.

A total of 28,838 pilgrims had travelled to Kataragama on pilgrimage through the Kumana National Park from 22 July to 5 August. Every degradable item was destroyed within the park premises, while taking out the recyclable items, according to Samaranayake.

A huge amount of garbage had been disposed in the Madamathota and Pakurawa areas where the devotees spent a night, Samaranayake added.

By Naalir Jamaldeen