Fr. Jeewantha granted bail


Colombo Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage on Friday (12), enlarged Rev. Fr. Jeewantha Peiris on bail. Fr. Peiris who appeared in Court, via his lawyers was released on two personal bails of Rs 500,000 each.

The Priest was an active figure in the Aragalaya protest movement and in the Galle Face Green protest-related incidents. Fr. Peiris had also filed a FR petition before the Supreme Court, seeking an order to prevent his arrest. He had cited that the respondents named in the petition, were trying to arrest him sans a justifiable reason. During the Court proceedings, the Colombo Central Crimes Division (CCCD) requested the Magistrate to place Fr. Peiris under remand custody.

However, rejecting the said request, the Magistrate released Fr. Peiris on bail.  Meanwhile, the Magistrate also impounded the passport of the Priest and ordered him to record a statement with the Police. The CCCD had stated that the Priest concerned, had been a member of an unlawful assembly on 9 July, while being a member of a group of protesters that had overrun the Presidential Secretariat and damaged its property and hence he had been named a suspect in the case filed before the said Court. The case against Fr. Peiris is scheduled to be taken up again on 26 August.

By Hansi Nanayakkara