Common people’s ‘Aragalaya’ hijacked by parties – Alawathuwala


The Samagi Jana Balaweagya (SJB) claimed that the Aragalaya had come to a point where they had to withdraw, because some political parties tried to take credit for the efforts of the common people.

Addressing the media on 12 August, MP J.C. Alawathuwala noted that the many people have forgotten the beginning of the Aragalaya.

“We saw yesterday that the youth who were at Galle Face had left. I would like to say one thing to the politicians and the entire people of this country. None of us should underestimate the Aragalaya, but later it was taken over by the political parties.”

“There were many struggles in this country after independence. Many lives were lost in the struggle of 1971 but at the same time many precious lives were lost in our country in the rebellion of ‘88/89. Also we saw that in the 30 years of the war, many lives were lost due to the explosion of bombs all over the country but none of these rebel groups were able to defeat the rulers of our country,” he added.

He further noted that the recent ‘Aragalaya’ that started in April is a very strong peaceful struggle, we saw how the people of the country came out on the streets lighting lamps at the Kohuwala Junction.

“We saw that the struggle was able to drive out the rulers who were responsible for the current plight of the country, regardless of race, religion, caste and parties. The Cabinet was changed a few times. The former Prime Minister had to resign through that struggle. Basil Rajapaksa, who contributed a lot to create this chaotic situation in the country, had to resign. Finally, the Aragalaya succeeded in expelling the president who was elected by 6.9 million of votes,” he added.

Alawathuwala noted that the Aragalaya has made history in Sri Lanka and the politicians should never forget its impact.

By Nabiya Vaffoor