RE provides over 50% electricity needs


Cheap and clean renewable energy (RE) led by ‘CEB Hydro’ provided over 50 per cent of Sri Lanka’s electricity demand for 11 consecutive days to Wednesday (10 August), Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) data from yesterday (11) showed.

The last time this phenomenon took place was 63 days ago, where, for 30 consecutive days to 8 June 2022, over 50 per cent of the island’s electricity needs were met by RE led by ‘CEB Hydro.’ In the interim 63 days to Wednesday, over 50 per cent of the island’s electricity needs were met for 32 days, though, not continuously, by the imported and pollutive fossil fuels (FFs) comprising coal and diesel, respectively, 30 days by RE and in the remaining one day, the split was evenly divided (50-50) between FF and RE, respectively. In the 222 days that have transpired in the year to Wednesday, RE was responsible for providing 50 per cent or over of Sri Lanka’s electricity needs in only 61 (27.48 per cent) days and FFs in the balance 161 (72.52 per cent) days, respectively.

According to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka’s 2021 Annual Report, the cheapest source of electricity generation to the CEB last year was ‘CEB Hydro,’ costing a mere Rs 1.67 a unit or per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity followed by Coal (Rs 10.87), nonconventional RE such as Mini-Hydro, Wind-both CEB and PS, Biomass and Solar (Rs 18.99), ‘CEB Diesel’ (Rs 29.01) and ‘PS Diesel’ (Rs 30.35), respectively.

By Paneetha Ameresekere


  1. I wish Sri Lanka will have rain every day of the year and the electricity problems for its people will be solved with 100% Hydro (RE) the cheapest, but life is not such a BED OF ROSES in this blessed world of ours.
    When Fossil Fuels are no more on day the Whole World will go into darkness before the end of Mankind?

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