“Make educated, honest people your leaders”


Direction Sri Lanka further calls upon the People of Sri Lanka to encourage educated, competent and honest citizens to come forward at the next General Election, and thereby ensure that the next Parliament will have suitable representatives of the people.

It is also the considered view of Direction Sri Lanka those elections must be held as soon as possible, as it is only through a process of election that the true will of the people could be represented in governance.

They said the Constitution guarantees equality and equal protection of the law.

“However, we have seen lately that there is effort being taken by Law Enforcement Authorities to apprehend protestors who are alleged to have violated the law, whilst on the other hand, there is appearance that this same Law Enforcement Authorities have taken a more lenient position in respect of members of the former Government who are alleged to have violated the law, especially on 9 May 2022,” the institutions said in a press release.

There is also public concern that whilst this enforcement takes place, brazen damage to public property as took place in the Chamber of Parliament during the Constitutional Coup of 2018 have passed without due sanction or enforcement.

The other main demand of Direction Sri Lanka is upon the reintroduction of the provisions of the 19th Amendment, for steps to be taken to appoint persons with highest integrity and ability to the Independent Commissions. This is vital in order to ensure the independence of these Commissions.

A principal demand of Direction Sri Lanka and the people has been to rescind the 20th Amendment to the Constitution and to reintroduce the provisions of the 19th Amendment to the Constitution with necessary amendments addressing the democratic way of governance.

Direction Sri Lanka notes that a new draft of the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution, bringing most of the positive features of the 19th Amendment has now been approved by the Cabinet. Direction Sri Lanka has some concern with a few provisions of this proposed draft which it will shortly share with the Minister of Justice for due consideration, and impresses that there is need to conclude this process without any further delay.