Govt adopting double standards in its foreign policy – Harini


The incumbent Government has double standards when it comes to taking decisions in connection with different countries said, MP Dr. Harini Amarasuriya.

Speaking to media yesterday (11), she said that with the situation our country is in at present, Sri Lanka cannot negotiate with even one country from its position.

She said that as a country a situation has arrived where we have to bend down to each country and agree with all of their decisions. Therefore, this has become an international crisis, she said.

“On one hand the Government has given one of our harbours to China and therefore we cannot tell them not to arrive at that harbour.  However, on the other hand if we allow China to dock at our harbour India will also be upset, she stressed. Accordingly, there need to be some kind of mechanism to maintain everyone, she said.  We should have a foreign policy to deal strongly in order to preserve our independence, but today there is no such situation, she said.

“When we are helpless we are bending without dignity to everybody seeking help,” she said.

BY Aloka Kasturiarachchi