Fertliser, fuel shortage hitting farmers -ACECA


President of All Ceylon Economic Centres Association (ACECA) Aruna Shantha Hettiarachchi said vegetable prices in local markets are rising because farmers are finding it difficult to procure fertilisers, agrochemicals and fuel.

Hettiarachchi made the remarks during a special press conference at the Nuwara Eliya Economic Centre.

According to reports, the Nuwara Eliya District is currently experiencing dry weather, and as a result, local farmers require fuel to power motors to sprinkle water on their crops.

Due to a lack of vegetable supplies in the economic centres, capcicum cost Rs 720 in the local market, carrots; Rs 320, cabbage; Rs.280, leeks; Rs 200, beans; Rs 520, gourds; Rs 440, ladies fingers; Rs 280 and potatoes; Rs. 400, green chillies; Rs 700, Nokol; Rs 240, nai miris; Rs 2,000

By Neeta Pathma KUmari – Norwood