Essential services deprived of QR codes


Petroleum dealers complain that the Ministry of Power and Energy has not provided the National Fuel Pass QR code system to the country’s essential services and that has caused a slew of problems when distributing fuel.

Petroleum Dealers’ Association (PDA) Co-Secretary Kapila Naotunna said it is difficult to provide an explanation to the Ministry if fuel was not released in accordance with the QR code. He elaborated that if an ambulance needs to refill its tank quickly, they too must request a QR code.

“If we do not issue fuel for such essential services, people’s lives will be jeopardised, and if we do not issue fuel for those who have the National Fuel Pass, we must explain why we did so to the ministry. This is a mess. The ministry clearly stated that we should not release fuel even for essential services if they do not have a QR Code. But what should we do if an emergency situation like that occurs?,” he inquired.

He said this is a conflict between being humane and going by the book. He stressed that if an employee refused to provide fuel to a Police Officer, the officer would undoubtedly threaten the employee.

“We must ensure the safety of our employees. We cannot endanger their lives. Providing fuel to a Police Officer is now required. But we do not have a choice. Sometimes we have to break the rules,” he explained.

By Thameenah Razeek


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