Electrohomoeopathy – A powerful therapeutic system


There are many medical systems practised in Sri Lanka today, namely, Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, Homoeopathy, Acupuncture and Cupping therapy. However, Electrohomoeopathy (distinct from Homoeopathy) is a medical system that is virtually unknown in Sri Lanka though it is widely popular in its immediate neighbour, India and even in Pakistan!

Electrohomoeopathy medicines are purely herbal in nature where plant essences are extracted from medicinal plants which are nontoxic and, therefore, are harmless with no side effects. These plant essences contain bioelectrical properties and hence the prefix ‘Electro’. It effectively addresses any ailment, be it acute or chronic or even those labelled as incurable. It can be safely administered to infants and to those of advanced age.

Count Cesare Mattei, 1809-1896, from Rochetta, Bologna, was an Italian Aristocrat who developed Electrohomoeopathy in 1865, which is today a widely practised system of spagyric medicine. Pope Pius IX made him a Count in honour of his achievements. He studied natural science, anatomy, physiology, pathology, chemistry and botany. But, he finally settled down to the study of the therapeutic power of bio-electricity inherent in botanical extracts.

The remedies he developed were so successful in terms of healing ability that Electrohomoeopathy was accepted by the German Government in its health programmes. Its Pharmacopoeia is totally different from those of other medical systems. Today, there are numerous Electrohomoeopathy teaching institutions worldwide conducting Certificate, Diploma and Degree courses in Electrohomoeopathy. 

Electrohomoeopathy, besides being natural and harmless, is a scientific system of medicine. It is based on the simple principle that the human economy comprises two elementary liquids, namely, Lymph and Blood, and the vitiation of one or both manifests in disease.

If a human body is deprived of the integrity of lymph and blood it will compromise the quality of life! Lymph and blood nourish the organs/tissues, help excrete toxins, maintain bio-chemical physiological sanity vis-à-vis hormones, enzymes, micro-nutrients, maintain the immune system and enables enzymes to perform more than 500 functions! 

If the lymph or blood or both are vitiated the human economy is vulnerable to any disease. This is why, Count Cesare Mattei attributed the cause of disease to the vitiation of lymph/blood! His search was, therefore, focused on the strengthening of the lymph and blood, which led to the fortunate discovery of Electrohomoeopathy!

Unlike other therapeutical systems, Electrohomoeopathy is utterly simplistic in its approach. A physician has to only identify the disease as related to lymph or blood. Thereafter, the relevant drug related to the disease is administered.

Bioelectricity is about electric potentials and currents produced by or occurring within living organisms including plants. No cell, tissue, organ or a body fluid (lymph/blood) could perform physiological functions without bioelectrical energy. It is an intrinsic principle of human physiology that the use of electrical energy in living cells is responsible for metabolic processes and for the maintenance of the state of homeostasis (physiological processes in a state of equilibrium). Electrohomoeopathy medicines exert a tremendous restorative power to counter any negative metamorphosis in the lymph or blood that would result in disease and its progression.

Electrohomoeopathy medicines are prepared by a specific process known as the  spagyric extraction method, which was introduced by Theophrastus Bombastus Von Hohenheim -1493-1541 (known as Paracelsus),  which he explicated in his medical treatise Opus Paramirum (Work Beyond Wonder) and Dr. Von Helmont. The Spagyric method is part of the German Pharmacopoeia recognised by the Government of India under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act 1940 (Schedule II item No 4 A (b). These remedies possess curative capacity to effectively contain and eradicate disturbances in the lymph and blood which contribute to disease. 

During the process of photosynthesis, natural forces are stored in plants as potential energy. The process of cohobation (fermentation/repeated distillation) produces a spagyric essence that contains this energy. When these essences are used as medicines, they help maintain the body fluids (lymph and blood) in a state of equilibrium – a state of homeostasis to ward off disease and maintain good health.

Electro-Homeopathy is a powerful therapeutic system that successfully treats a variety of illnesses – even the seemingly incurable ones! It looks at disease in a holistic manner. Electrohomoeopathy is not reductionist in its approach vis-à-vis diagnosis as is the case in mainstream, orthodox medicine. If a disease occurs in the body relating to a particular organ, there is one or more other organs related to the condition and this is because the entire human economy is closely interconnected in a very complex manner. Therefore, disease being multi-organic in nature, the body needs a medicine which is both natural but complex too, hence ‘Complexa Complexis Curantur’ – ‘complex diseases are cured through complex drugs’ – the basis of Electrohomoeopathy!

Electrohomoeopathy has medicines that not only cures but also act as powerful prophylactics (preventives) against any disease attributed to any pathogen in any state of mutation that has the potential to create epidemics or pandemics of any nature (corona, monkey pox for example).  It also has powerful prophylactics to prevent and contain local breakouts like dengue, chikungunya and to even cure such diseases rapidly with no complications.

Electrohomoeopathy is a fast-growing therapeutic system and becoming very popular owing to its simplistic approach vis-a-vis diagnosis and the ease of administering medicines. It is touted to be the ‘future medicine’ second to none, standing shoulder to shoulder amongst contemporary popular therapeutic systems!

Dr Mass R. Usuf

PhD, MD (Acu), MFHom


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