Writ against increasing plantation workers’ pay dismissed


Court of Appeal dismissed the Writ Application filed by over 20 plantation companies seeking an order to quash the decision to increase the daily minimum wage of plantation workers to Rs 1,000.

The Petitioners sought to quash the decisions of the Wages Boards for the Tea Growing and manufacturing and Rubber growing and manufacturing trades to increase the daily minimum wage to Rs 1,000.

They said the wage increase is detrimental to the objectives of the Petitioners which will ultimately undermine the national economy, while noting the decision was made by the respective Wages Boards upon the direction of political authority in order to further the political promises made by the Government without considering the ground reality and the feasibility of implementation.

The Court of Appeal on Tuesday (9) dismissed the Application observing that the Courts may not be inclined to grant relief based on other pertinent and important grounds, such as grave public/administrative inconvenience.

By Faadhila Thassim