Refrain from bringing prohibited items


Customs said there has been an increase in bringing in restricted commodities by travellers in their accompanied and unaccompanied passenger baggage (UPB) in the recent past, despite the Government’s temporary suspensions due to the prevailing forex issue in the country.

In a statement, Director General of Customs, P.B.S.C. Nonis said it was also observed that some travellers bring in commodities in commercial quantities in violation of regulations published under the Customs Ordinance and the Imports and Exports (Control) Act.

“Therefore, Customs informs all the travellers to refrain from bringing in any prohibited and restricted commodities or temporarily suspended commodities or commodities in commercial quantities contained in the accompanied and unaccompanied baggage through the airport or the UPB warehouses with immediate effect,” Nonis said.

Failure to comply with these instructions shall result in the forfeiture of all the commodities brought and in addition, imposition of further forfeitures or penalties in terms of the provisions of the Customs Ordinance and the Imports and Exports (Control) Act, he added. (NV)