Provide electric three-wheelers on instalment


The All-Island Three-Wheeler Drivers’ Union requested the Government to provide electric three-wheelers under instalment schemes.

Speaking to the media, Union President Lalith Dharmasekera confirmed that they will switch to electric three-wheelers.

“If it works, we will be able to provide more profitable and easy service for passengers,” Dharmasekera said.

“The electric three-wheelers will be able to recharge from sunlight and it is low in maintenance. Our union is hoping that the Government will provide an instalment payment scheme to purchase electric vehicles,” he said.

Meanwhile, Cabinet approval was granted to amend the Department of Motor Traffic (DMT) Act to register electric three-wheelers.

The decision was taken following requests from a number of parties to promote the use of electric three-wheelers instead of those using fossil fuel.

By Nabiya Vaffoor