NTC launches raids


The National Transport Commission (NTC) said raids have been launched to take legal action against bus operators for charging bus fares higher than the revised rate.

Speaking to Ceylon Today yesterday (10), NTC Director General Nilan Miranda said the raids were conducted following complaints received by the NTC alleging that certain private bus conductors charge more than the revised fare.

“Several mobile inspection teams attached to the NTC have been assigned to investigate the incidents on provincial busses.

Fines have been imposed and legal action has been taken against certain bus owners and conductors who had been made to repay the additional amount charged from the commuters.

The raids have been conducted on nearly 100 inter-provincial busses since 5 August, but we have not received the details of the provincial busses yet. They have informed the provincial offices to conduct individual raids and investigations,” he added.

He said the NTC has conducted many awareness programmes, such as publishing the revised bus fares, before taking legal action against them.

By Nabiya Vaffoor