Extremist parties should be prosecuted


President’s Counsel Tirantha Walaliyadda says leaders of certain extremist political parties, who had coaxed protesters to storm public institutions, during the recent spate of anti-Government protests in Colombo, should be prosecuted as per provisions contained in the Penal Code.

He said as per Provisions contained in the Penal Code, any attempt either covertly or otherwise, made to overthrow a legally elected Government is a serious punishable offence by the law.

He said its severity is such, if convicted, such people, could be handed down even the death sentence or slapped with a minimum of 20 years RI.

Taking part during a weekly political talk show, aired on a private television channel on 5 August, the veteran criminal lawyer, observed that all subversive elements attached to the ongoing protest movement in the metropolis, should be weeded out, as per the law, for the sake of this country and its citizens.

He said it was imperative the law is enacted in its sternest form by the Police to root out the subversive and extremist political leaders of certain political parties.

He opined that such leaders are determined to assume power via the spilt blood of the youth, as they cannot ever seek a genuine mandate from the electorate.

Walaliyadda explained that illegal and forced occupation of State-owned institutions, such as the President’s House, Temple Trees, PMs Office and the Presidential Secretariat, by anyone, is a severe offence, as per Provisions contained in the Penal Code.

He however, agreed as per the Constitution, freedom of speech, expression of dissent and engaging in peaceful protests or demonstrations were guaranteed. But, he was quick to stress, nobody has the right to coax anyone to overrun State institutions and damage properties, in order to vent their vehement anger and overthrow the Government of the day.

The President’s Counsel also cast serious doubt on whether the present-day 225 MPs in the current Parliament, would be able to usher in the so-called system change as desired by the protesters.