East Coast severely affected by sea erosion


The beaches of Nintavur, Oluvil, Karaitivu, Kalmunai, and some other beaches in the Ampara District on the East Coast have been severely affected by sea erosion. Several buildings as well as trees on the coastal belt had been washed away by tidal waves.

The huts of fishermen, coconut trees, and multi-purpose buildings were among them. As the beaches are continuously eroded by giant tides, fishermen in these areas have changed the anchoring points of their fishing craft.

The fishermen as well as the public in these areas also extended a request to President Ranil Wickremesinghe as well as other relevant authorities to take necessary action to protect the invaluable resources on the coastal belt and beautiful beaches in the East Coast from being eroded by giant tidal  waves.

It is the bounden duty of people’s representatives in the Ampara District to bring this before Parliament and to find a sustainable solution to this issue, while providing anchorage facilities to a large number of shallow sea fishermen in these areas.

The public in these areas expressed fear that if such a situation continued, the beach roads would be completely washed away. They alleged that large stretches of land on the coastal belt in these areas have been washed away by the tidal  waves after the development and reopening of Oluvil Fishery Harbour.

By Naalir Jamaldeen