Underworld figure dies in escape bid


The suspect, who was under arrested in connection with killing Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) member of the Kotikawatta Pradeshiya Sabha, Sumudu Rukshan, died after falling into granite quarry in Kaduwela yesterday (9), Police said.

The deceased suspect was identified as Tuan Siran Harhar, a resident of Ihala Biyanwila, Kadawatha, who has 13 serious charges against him, Police said. He was also a close associate of notorious underworld figure ‘Angoda Lokka’.

Based on the information given by the suspect, that a stock of weapons was hidden in Vaikkiwatte, Kaduwela, the Police had taken the suspect to that area.

According to the Police, suspect tried to escape from the Special Task Force officers, fell down the quarry and got seriously injured and died after being admitted to Athurugiriya Oruwala Hospital.

It is reported that an STF officer was also injured during the scuffle when the suspect tried to escape. The suspect was initially admitted to the Athurugiriya Hospital and was later transferred to the Colombo Police Hospital.

By Sahan Tennekoon