TNAG urges TNA to support President


The Tamil National Action Group (TNAG) asked Tamil lawmakers, particularly the Tamil National Alliance (TNA), to provide President Ranil Wickremesinghe with all the support he needs as he works to create an All-Party Government.

Former Western Provincial Council Member and TNAG Chairman Dr. N. Kumaraguruparan publicly urged Sampanthan to assist President Wickremesinghe in carrying out his special mission.

He observed that President Wickremesinghe addressed every crucial issue in a pragmatic and extremely well-balanced speech.

TNAG said the Tamils forum in Colombo, perhaps some TNA stalwarts, have already alerted the TNA Leader not to accept any Cabinet Portfolio.“We reiterate that unlike the previous Good Governance, it is President Wickremesinghe who gave the new assurance. At a critical hour when there is a call for all leaders to come forward to save the country, a government, economy, and people it is with self-confidence of his acquired calibre and historical international support President Wickremesinghe accepted the challenge. Hence, there is a necessity to support him.”

“Sampanthan of the TNA needs to support an Interim Administration.Sampanthan must back the All-Party Government that the President has asked for.

“Tamil leaders too cannot lead the people of the North and East towards starvation. They need food, fuel, and fertiliser, just like every other Sri Lankan,” he pointed out.

By Sulochana Ramiah Mohan